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Running Tips - Good Snacks For Runners

Runners know that they need to eat right to run at their best. And, most runners can tell you that they need carbs, proteins, etc. However, what about those times when you just want a snack? What should you grab that will still be good for you. Read on to find what are some good snack foods for runners.

  • 9 Jul 2017

Great American Potato Chips & Corn Chips

One of the most popular snacks in America is the potato chip, what people in the UK would call 'crisps'.

  • 10 Jul 2017

Sticky and Sweet Honey Wedding Favors

Toast with butter and honey is a favorite of many since childhood. The delicious taste of honey gives not just a sweet taste to our tongue but makes us crave for more as well. So, when it comes to weddings, jars of honey are among the most popular choices for wedding favors.

  • 20 Jun 2017
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7 Jul 2017
Posted By Gary R.

The Top Five Cookies For Kids

Cookies are a delicious treat enjoyed by kids and adults throughout the world. Kids are especially smitten with the tasty sweet pleasure. There are a variety of names used for these yummy treats. The Spanish call them "galletas," the English call them "biscuits," the Germans call them "kels," and in North America, they are called "cookies." The first cookies were miniature cakes called "koekje," which is a Dutch word meaning "little cake.
22 Jun 2017
Posted By Bob M.

Teeth Healthy Snacks For Kids: Advice From A Children's Dentist

As most parents know, children don't always want healthy snacks -- especially when they have the option to eat sugar-loaded snacks instead. What parents may not realize or think about too often is just how bad those sugary snacks are for their children. Not only will they affect a child's weight, but they also can ruin a child's teeth. No parents like to have to go back to the children's dentist because they are dealing with rotted teeth and cavities.
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28 Jun 2017
Posted By Clyde P.

Do You Realize Chocolate Bars Have Been Around For Over Two Hundred Years?

I know of no one that has eaten chocolate and not just absolutely loved it. There are probably some exceptions, but I am not aware of them. This is especially true of chocolate bars which come in so many varieties these days there is surely something for everyone. When you consider that you can get chocolate bars with fruit, marshmallows, nuts, caramel and more there is hardly another confection that has so many diverse choices.
28 Jun 2017

3 Mason Jar Dessert Parfaits: Howdini Hacks

From DIY projects to trendy restaurants, Mason jars are having a moment. So, Howdini is making a video series on creative ways to use them - and of course ...

3 Jul 2017

Healthy Snack Ideas | Junk Food with NO GUILT

LIKE UP FOR MORE FITNESS VIDEOS! CHECKOUT MY T-SHIRT AND LET'S BE TWINS!: If you purchase one! Make sure to tweet me a picture or send one on ...

23 Jun 2017

DIY Breakfast, Snack, and Dessert Bars

For a simple on the go treat Sarah makes easy DIY Bars, check out a few of her favorites like a fun Honey Nut Cheerio Bar, a tasty Fudgy Rocky Road Bar, and a ...

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